AOSS is the organization that brings together all of Grupo Sancor Seguros’ coordinators. We build and manage over 100 coordinator websites for them. We help AOSS stand out in social media with an all-encompassing management of their accounts, with content production, with community moderation, with managing their advertising plan, and by carrying out performance reports. In addition, we provide media assessment for Sancor Seguros’s coordinators by creating content and managing their social media accounts on a monthly basis.

We work in:

Community and social media management.

Production and all-encompassing management of promotional activities.

All-encompassing management and strategy of the advertising plan.

Analytics reports.

Websites development and design.

Digital businesses development consultancy services.

AOSS Websites

We create and manage over 100 websites for Grupo Sancor Seguros’ coordinators, helping these key players become a part of the digital world.

AOSS Social Media

We walk step by step with AOSS to ensure a strong social media presence: we are in charge of managing their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin), producing content, moderating their communities, managing their advertising plan to promote the brand, its actions and affiliate benefits, and producing performance reports.

“Organizadores AOSS” Social Media

We help Sancor Seguros’ coordinators to have a strong social media presence (Facebook and Instagram) by creating their accounts, managing them on a monthly basis and uploading media content to them.