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Universal Studio
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With over 75 years of trajectory, Manfrey has become one of the leading companies of the market in the digital area. Our dynamic and flexible teamwork allows us to implement a 360-Degree Marketing Plan undergoing constant innovation and marked by a strong consumer-oriented approach.

We work in:

Community & social media management.

All-encompassing management and strategy of the advertising plan.

Production and all-encompassing management of promotional activities.

Website development and design.

Packaging design.

Web maintenance.

Analytics reports.

Digital business development assessment and consultancy services.

Item 1 Manfrey - Packaging


We design and restyle brand packages, trying to reflect their product’s purity and quality. For this new image, we opted for a clean design with clear and easily-decoded information, high-impact images and vivid colors, thus achieving an updated visual system in all of Manfrey’s product line.

Social Networkings and Digital Marketing

We are in charge of the brand’s social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and handle each site’s content planning, design and management. We ideate and implement advertising and social media campaigns working towards the best brand positioning.

Item 2 Manfrey - RS y Pauta
Item 3 Manfrey - Web

Website Redesign and Maintenance

We renewed the website’s aesthetic by following best practices for UX design. We focus on usability, adequate product visualization and a flexible multi-screen design. We are in charge of its maintenance and of providing new content.