Prevención Retiro.

After more than a decade as partners, the insurance group Sancor Seguros reasserts their trust in our team. In this opportunity, they trust us with their new business Prevención Retiro’s management and digital strategy.

We work in:

Community & social media management.

Production and all-encompassing management of promotional activities.

All-encompassing management and strategy of the advertising plan.

Video production.

Analytics reports.

Social media listening.

Consultancy and training to implement a Social CRM solution.


Social Media & Content Marketing

We are responsible for the brand’s social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube) and for the creation and distribution of social media actions and digital content.

Digital Marketing

Based on content strategy and business goals, we plan, implement and carry out marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook.

Item 2 Prevención Retiro - Pauta
Item 3 Prevención Retiro - Estrategia

All-encompassing Digital Strategy

The strategy we developed allowed the insurance group Sancor Seguros not only to break into the retirement plans market but also to be the top company in the field, and to receive special acknowledgements such as the insurance awards Premios Prestigio Seguros; all this in little more than a year.