Prevención Salud.

We have walked side by side with Prevención Salud since its inception (2014). Right from the start, when everything was just a project.
The first step was creating the brand’s visual identity, and since then we are fully in charge of their strategy in the digital field. Our objective is to keep on positioning this business as the leading one within the prepaid medicine field.

We work in:

Community & social media management.

Production and all-encompassing management of promotional activities.

All-encompassing management and strategy of the advertising plan.

Video production.

Social media listening.

Consultancy and training to implement a Social CRM solution.

EMail Marketing.

Digital businesses development consultancy services.

Social media and content marketing

We are responsible for the brand’s social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube), its content creation and distribution, and for its social media actions, which resulted in us being acclaimed a success case study in more than one opportunity. Moreover, we track the brand´s mentions so as to prevent any crisis cases and we work along with the Customer Service Center moderating all the different social media accounts.

Digital Marketing

Based on content strategy and business goals, we plan, implement and carry out marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook.