Quini 6 y Brinco.

For the lottery “Lotería de Santa Fe”, we carried out the digital presence strategy of their brands “Quini 6” and “Brinco”.

We work in:

Community and Social Media Management.

All-encompassing digital marketing advertising management (Social Media - Google Ads - Programmatic Advertising).

Analytics reports.

Assessment design and social media consulting services.

Item 1 - Quini y Brinco

Social Media

We are responsible for the brand’s social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube), for  its content´s creation and distribution, and for its social media promotional activities.

Digital Marketing

Taking into account the content strategy and main goals of the business, we plan, implement and carry out advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Programmatic Advertising.

Item 2 - Quini y Brinco