Brote AD and Lario awarded by FEPI

On Friday, October 12, the FEPI (the International Independent Marketing Festival) handed in an award to the agency Brote AD from Rafaela for their Fiambres Lario advertising campaign “Adivinadores de Elite” (Elite Guessers) during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

During the 12th edition of the event -celebrated in Rosario, Argentina-, the agency Brote AD was awarded both the Bronze award in the “All-encompassing Digital Strategy” category and the Silver award in the “Social Media Strategy” category .

As part of the winning campaign, there were online games that served as a participation axis, since they involved sharing the action on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google Adwords and Email. Also, a landing page or microsite was created to complement the digital strategy.

The action carried out consisted of three contests with different participation methods. There were daily prizes and, close to the final match, a fully-equipped living room was gifted.

Thanks to the advertising spots shown on Youtube, more than 70 pieces spread on social media and even GIFs went viral all over WhatsApp, “Adivinadores de Elite” (Elite Guessers) reached more than 1 500 000 people, which translates into a high number of participant users.

The award – shaped as the famous Roberto Fontanarrosa´s character “Inodoro Pereyra”- summons independent agencies from different parts of the world. Some of the categories awarded are: All-encompassing Campaigns, Film, Graphics and Digital Campaigns.

Among the 125 participating agencies from Latin America, USA and Spain, you can find cases such as the widely acclaimed TV shows “Money Heist” and “Merlí”. Among the national shows, the TV production company Underground won the Golden award in their category for “El Marginal”.