Insurance Company Grupo Sancor Seguros: 2018 Mercurio Awards Multi-award-winner

Exactly as they have been doing each year since 1982, the Argentine Association of Marketing (AAM, in Spanish) handed out the Mercurio Awards, which constitute the ultimate recognition of excellence in Marketing in the Argentine Republic. Its aim is to promote best practices in the industry. At the 2018 edition, Grupo Sancor Seguros was awarded for each of the three cases presented, in addition to taking home one of the night´s most important trophies.

In fact, within the “Great Companies” division, the Insurance Group won the following categories:

Insurance Category, for their Programa DALE (Desarrollando Alas en la Empresa)

Nuclea las diversas iniciativas destinadas a su fuerza de ventas compuesta por más de 6.900 Productores Asesores de Seguros (PAS) distribuidos en todo el país. Las diferentes propuestas se orientan a dotar a los PAS de herramientas que les permitan seguir profesionalizándose, acceder a experiencias enriquecedoras y potenciar su identificación con el Grupo Sancor Seguros.


Categoría Sustentabilidad

It assembles a wide variety of initiatives directed to the company’s salesforce, which is made up of more than 6 900 Insurance Producers (PAS according to their Spanish acronym), who are scattered throughout the country. The multiple proposals focus on providing PAS the tools that will allow them to keep on developing professionally, have access to enlightening experiences, and encourage their brand identification with Grupo Sancor Seguros.


Sustainability Category

They were awarded for their “Ser Sustentable” (Being Sustainable) campaign. The campaign puts forward the idea that sustainability is more than just “green stuff” or being related to the environment; it goes beyond that. It emcompasses learning topics such as ethics, respect, non-violence, decent work, road safety education, health, prevention, among others. It was presented in two parts: the first focuses particularly on delivering that message, and the second part shows the ways in which Grupo Sancor Seguros strives to be sustainable and supplies the audience with guidelines regarding how each citizen or company can follow suit.


Innovation Category

They were awarded for their “CITES: potenciando la ciencia” (CITES: boosting science) case, which lays out the creation of the technological, business and social Innovation Centre. As part of their positive social impact strategy, and following the cooperative values they identify with, Grupo Sancor Seguros aspired to help Argentina be part of the concert of entrepreneurial nations that will develop the knowledge economy. That’s why Grupo Sancor Seguros created CITES, the first incubator, accelerator and investor of entrepreneur capital for scientific-technological start-ups from Argentina. CITES is the new ally that every entrepreneur needs to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Furthermore, the CITES case won the silver award Gran Premio Mercurio in the “Great Companies” division, establishing Grupo Sancor Seguros as one of the main winners of the event.